BIOKON - Mission

Source: Ivo Boblan,Technical University, Berlin

The purpose of BIOKON international is widespread. We...



- combine resources and competencies in the area of biomimetics, bionics and bioinspired technologies


- strengthen interdisciplinary contacts and cooperation (covers R&D, education and industrial applications)


- increase visibility of biomimetics (e.g. calls), foster allocation of funding budgets dedicated to biomimetics


- apply for concerted R&D-projects within the EU Framework Programmes (FP7 / FP 8)


- initiate, execute or attend international research, development and implementation projects in the area of biomimetics


- support knowledge and technology transfer


- organize and execute scientific and publicly effective events (e.g. conferences, workshops) and exhibitions


- promote education and training measures


- push lobbying activities  in science, business, politics and society


- strengthen the competitiveness of biomimetics


Our overall aim is to turn scientific knowledge into beneficial practice.