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Source: Stanislav Gorb (University of Kiel)

Join us


Every person working in the field of biomimetics/ bionics is welcome to become a member of BIOKON international – The Biomimetics Association.


This forum is planned to serve experts of different engineering fields and life scientists as well as interested people from the industrial side. Providing a platform to bring these specialists together is one of the biggest concerns of BIOKON international. The platform and its instruments, e.g. regional or international conferences and other events, shall lead to a better and easier way to cooperate, to share experiences and to find a common language. This is the basis for interdisciplinary research, one of our primary aims.


If you intend to join us, please use the membership application form provided below. After approval by the board you will be invited to join one or more working groups, to share knowledge with colleagues from all over the world and to find answers to scientific questions. We support your collaboration-projects to get access to funding programmes, etc. This website and the special member area will provide important facts and dates for our members and the Biomimetics community worldwide.