BIOKON - our partners



BIOKON international functions as leading expert network and is a commonly accepted biomimetics stakeholder on an international level.


Important national biomimetic networks and established partners of BIOKON are e.g.BIONIS (United Kingdom, 2002), Bionik Austria (Austria), Réseau Bionique Français (France) and BIOKON (Germany). Cooperation with  other national or regional Biomimetics Associations in Europe as well as in the US and in China is in the course of being developed.


Parallel to this regional dimension of networking-possibilities in different fields of biomimetics strategic partnerships with different governmental or non-governmental institutions, funding-organizations or other helpful partners has been established.


To mention just some, who have been extremely important for the growth and success of BIOKON international and BIOKON:


BMBF (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

DLR (German Aerospace Center Project Management Agency)

VDI (The Association of German Engineers)

DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt)

Competence Network Biomimetics of Baden-Württemberg

Internationales Bionik Zentrum (Stiftung für Bionik)


and many others.